Terrible Baby Product

Do you know who makes terrible products?  Motorola.  Specifically the MBP18 Watch Them Dream Digital Baby Monitor.  Here’s a photo of the electrical cords they sent me that are used to plug in their monitor.   

More like “Watch Them Catch on Fire”.  You know you’ve got a shitty product when white electrical tape is supposed to disguise it as new.  What did you think Motorola?  That new parents would be so tired they wouldn’t see the tape?  Here’s a photo of the screen of the monitor. 

It’s dented and scratched right out of the box. Under the “protective” cover no less.

Here’s the thing.  THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME I GOT THIS PRODUCT.  THE LAST ONE I PURCHASED WAS IN WORSE SHAPE.  I bought them from Target.  Cost me around $150.  Thanks Target and Motorola.  And by thanks, I really mean I’m really mad at you guys for selling me such awful equipment and putting my child in harms way.


One thought on “Terrible Baby Product

  1. Jennie Shepherd says:

    That’s crazy! Nuts in fact! That’s clearly been used previously and the other person already decided it was a fire hazard and returned…I mean, what’s wrong with people??? And companies?


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