Clap for the Wolfman

So being on blood thinners the doctor told me to be really careful shaving. Which I’ve taken to mean, don’t shave. Not shaving I’ve also decided that there’s no reason to cut my hair. I’m increasingly resembling one of Geico’s Cavemen.  

The best part about not shaving is that I don’t have to scrape my face with a razor every day. The best part of having a beard is that my daughter just loves grabbing it and loves it when I blow raspberries on her stomach.  

I also love monsters. The Munster’s was one of my favorite shows growing up, I rock out to the Misfits, I grew up watching monster movies, I still look for the Lizard Man when I go camping. I also make monster noises to my kid a lot. I figure there’s enough things in this world that are actually scary that are real. Maybe growing up with the Wolfman will help her always maintain a sense of perspective.  



My Shit’s Fucked Up

My Shit’s Fucked Up

So for the past couple of years I’ve been dealing with a leg problem. I put it off for a long time, realizing that it hurt, but I thought it all part of getting old(er). Turns out, I was wrong.

Having a wife does many things for you. Having a wife who will put you on her health insurance plan makes you do so many more things. I developed a blood clot in my leg that was a foot long. I saw a doctor for it.

Apparently blood clots are frightening. They will kill you. And while we all die, the time we spend on earth becomes more valuable when there’s an actual time limit in your mind. Docs have given me a good chance of getting through this. I have had  and have friends and family with much more serious problems. Still, my wife giving birth to my daughter makes me really want to stick around.  

I’m scared. My mind races around. My shit’s fucked up. Please deal with me if I break down.


Hippies are Terrible

The baby boomers have done nothing but leave destruction in their wake. Flower power turned into a corporate slogan.  

This was the generation that came into political and economic power in the 80’s and 90’s. Once in power they managed to deregulate businesses, banks, power companies, etc. These results are still being felt today. This is the generation that started off with the ideals of Woodstock but by the 90’s those ideals had become the soundtrack to a “greed is good” mantra. And greed became their overwhelming desire. Stock options became more important than quality of products or the humans that created them. The big three started churning out just terrible automobiles. Somehow this was (and still is) blamed on the unions (despite the fact that I’ve never seen the guy installing windshields also design a car). So the baby boomers destroyed the unions. They cheered when Ronnie broke the air traffic controllers.  

Then in the year 2000 they went in droves and elected George W Bush. They sent him money, they put bumper stickers on the back of their cars, and they sat and listened at their mega churches with electric guitars to their preacher about how G.W. was a good and honest Christian man. Well they weren’t able to get enough people because enough old people were still around who didn’t want to see their social security privatized and enough college kids had learned critical thinking skills and knew better than to vote for the guy. It didn’t matter. W lost the popular vote and still became POTUS.  

And then 9/11 happened. A tragedy.

That tragedy was then exploited by the administration for the good of themselves. And while the baby boomers stock portfolios started to tank they were distracted by two wars. Two wars that would leave the young men and women coming home from them without proper access to medical care. Huge rates of PTSD and no mental facilities to treat it. The wars were hugely expensive but the troops were given outdated and broken equipment that didn’t protect them from IED’s. The troops came back physically and mentally scared.  

And then since we deregulated the banks, the houses which they had bought went and were foreclosed on. They couldn’t get jobs in the private sector because there were no jobs. Their spouses had massive student loans to repay while the government collected massive amounts of revenue off of them. Their civil rights had been stripped, and if they were Latino in Arizona and elsewhere they were profiled and made to show I.D. If they were black the cops shot them.  

I’m not sure about calling my Grandparents generation the “Greatest Generation”. But I think my parents generation absolutely left this country in disarray for Generation X and the Millennials.

Here’s the good part. We are fixing it. A little at a time. Hopefully, we can get this country straightened out for our children. The ACA, strides in GLBT rights, the strengthening of our economy are all good starting points. But we must do more to overturn the disastrous policies of the Baby Boomers.