The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends: Mayoral Race in Charleston

So the upcoming mayoral election has me questioning my future in Charleston. I can’t find one person running who I don’t have major problems with. Let’s look at some things. Part 1: I-526

First of all, I-526 is complete. This push to extend it is not only a waste of tax payer money ($720,000,000.00 dollars to be exact), but it’s also poised to destroy wetlands and farmlands. Am I the only one who remembers that we are a coastal city that sometimes gets hit by hurricanes and barrier islands and wetlands protect the city from hurricanes? Keeping Johns Island (the fourth largest island on the US East Coast) as a rural island with agricultural and fishing industries is not only good for Charleston’s food and beverage industry, it’s beneficial when the next Hugo decides to wreck havoc on this city. I know that wealthy people on Kiawah donate to candidates campaigns (as do real estate developers) but it’s time to stop this mad talk. Fix the roads we have now. Fix the roads on Johns and James Islands that don’t have proper drainage. Don’t destroy the natural beauty of Johns Island with another bridge. Don’t destroy estuaries and wetlands needed for shrimp and fishing industries. Don’t leave Charleston more vulnerable to another Hurricane. Don’t destroy the farms on Johns Island needed to supply our city with fruits and vegetables. The argument that traffic is bad on Johns Island and would be alleviated by building roads is ludicrous. It would behoove our candidates to read any one of the many traffic engineering studies that show that building new roads doesn’t decrease traffic. The other part about this that is terrible is the fact that many of these properties are owned, and have been owned, by black families going back decades. This is a culture that is going to be destroyed because some asshole who just moved here from Ohio has decided that it’s inconvenient for him to sit in traffic, despite being completely aware that traffic was a concern before he bought his new development house. Why are we catering to that? Why are we rewarding bad behavior? Let’s keep culture, farm lands, fishing and shrimping industries all alive. Don’t extend I-526. 

Every single person running for mayor has come out in support of extending I-526. 

Why is Charleston intent on destroying it’s culture? Stop the madness.

My mom and daughter playing patty cake on the back porch of our home on Johns Island


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