Putting Talents to Use

I been beat up bad, I’ve been kicked around, I’ve been thrown outta every bar in this old town.

Well as much as you will miss me writing about my kid (and life), I’ve decided to take an assignment to write about drinking local. I do generally write after drinking, something highlighted by my incoherent rambling that I pass off as a blog. I decided to take part in the Eat Local Challenge presented by Lowcountry Local First. Lowcountry Local First asked my editor at Grit if I was interested, he asked me, and I told him I’d drink my way through the challenge. I thought my editor would scold me as he often takes my suggestions as idiotic (and he’s right to do so). Then the fine people at Lowcountry Local First also thought this was a good idea. So, bottoms up. 

I guess I’ll be drinking a bunch of local beers. Holy City Brewery is one of my favorite places to visit on a Saturday afternoon. Westbrook cranks out a variety of really nice beers. Palmetto Brewing has changed their lineup and has been offering a nice selection lately. And there are just a bunch of other breweries opening up shop. There are also a couple local distilleries for when I want to switch to the hard stuff. And there are rumors of moonshine, and like Toucan Sam, I can try to follow my nose to the smell of grain alcohol. What trouble I can get into.

So come worship at the alter of Dionysus with me. Meet me out for a drink, just remember to let someone who is sober do the driving.

Touring Holy City

***And thank you to all of you who voted for my blog as best blog in Charleston.  I blame the shitty, ornery, and drunk writer as the reason why I didn’t win.


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