How Did I Get Here?

It’s late. The compressors humming is a soothing sound. I’m doing paper work and watching movies on TCM. This is the most consistent home I’ve ever had. But it’s time to move on. The notice has been sent. I love the Upper Deck Tavern. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in this place, I’ve put my blood on the floor, and I amazingly fell in love here. Ken, Cullen, George, Dwayne, Vicki, Sarah, Ben, Fireball, Kevin, Katie, Tom, Billy, and countless others have made this my safe place. I will miss them all terribly. I never wanted to do the “I’m leaving post” but now it seems really real. Most of the customers I’ve loved. The rest made great stories. But, now it’s time to move on. I love everyone who has been a part of my family, since the day this place opened. And I will miss you all. I wasn’t always the best bartender but I always tried to be there for all of you. XXOO Mike.

I remember the first day it opened. I went there as a customer. It was hot outside but nothing could match the heat inside. The bar must have been over 130 degrees. Yet, people were still lined up, 5 at the bar. I sat near the stairwell and the lone window unit, hoping for some relief. Eventually I saw Ken, the owner, walking up the stairs with an AC unit. By this point, patrons were sitting on the window sill to try to have some respite from the conditions. I see this man, with his glorious box, and immediately offer to help him install it. Now I had met Ken before. This wasn’t his first bar. The horse and cart had been stomping grounds not just for me, but for my older sister. I just don’t think Ken knew who I was. The unit was installed, and in the days before PBR took over this town I ordered a Shlitz and a shit of Wild Turkey 101. I knew I loved this place. The bar never cooled down that night. I just knew that I had found a place that was a little weird, had personality, and was the bar I always wanted to drink in.


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