It’s Only Love


Love is easy. It’s in a look. It’s in a sentence. It’s the way you feel in the backseat of a car. We’ve all been in love many times. And love always lasts, despite our best efforts. Love is really hard. Sustained love is the hardest. I mean that being with someone for 5 years, for 20 years, and forever is really hard. You have to ignore the noise that will surround you. You have to be willing to be the most vulnerable. You have to tell the truth even when it hurts.
I’m no expert on love. I wish this was a play where we all could follow my instructions and we’d end up happy, satisfied, and forever. But I did spend the day with my friend Apryl at her bachelorette party. And I don’t know if she and her husband to be will last forever. I really hope they do. I just hope that this love is released into the atmosphere that they have and it makes us all love a little better, no matter how long or short the interval.
To the 1’s and to the 0’s I hope you know I love you all. As binary becomes more complicated so do we all. And so does our modus operandi.